Plastic rain bonnets / hats required. Please help.

Posted 9th Mar 2009
I am looking for plastic rain bonnets / hats for a hen party.
My friend has in the past, hinted she would like to go out on her Hen Do dressed as oap's with matching rain hats and I am not having much luck at the moment. I would like them individual and in a case / envelope that i can get personalised. Not 100% on quantity yet. Any help will be greatly appreciated
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try a local independant chemist
My local Co-Op sell them I think or a Sells Chemist or somewhere like that.
just saw them in poundland,think there were 6 or 8 in the packet
.............orr-my nan used to get them years ago in good old Woolies ! A local chemist is your best bet-or shop that sells alsorts of thing on cards (like kirby grips,laces, thimbles etc often a corner shop).
you can get these at any hairdressing wholesalers.
try wilkinsons
or what about scarfs that oaps wears around head?
chemists sell them
Thank you everyone for all your help.
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