Plastic rain bonnets / hats required. Please help.

    I am looking for plastic rain bonnets / hats for a hen party.
    My friend has in the past, hinted she would like to go out on her Hen Do dressed as oap's with matching rain hats and I am not having much luck at the moment. I would like them individual and in a case / envelope that i can get personalised. Not 100% on quantity yet. Any help will be greatly appreciated


    try a local independant chemist

    My local Co-Op sell them I think or a Sells Chemist or somewhere like that.

    just saw them in poundland,think there were 6 or 8 in the packet

    .............orr-my nan used to get them years ago in good old Woolies ! A local chemist is your best bet-or shop that sells alsorts of thing on cards (like kirby grips,laces, thimbles etc often a corner shop).

    you can get these at any hairdressing wholesalers.

    try wilkinsons

    or what about scarfs that oaps wears around head?

    chemists sell them

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    Thank you everyone for all your help.
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