Plastic Shed/Storage

    Hi guys,

    I posted a similar wanted ad a few months back, but I still have had no joy in finding what I want - although I do know sizes etc now

    I'm after a 8ft x 4ft plastic shed. I'm keeping a motorbike in it (7ft long from wheel to wheel), so it needs to be 8ft long & 4ft wide.

    Been everywhere this weekend trying to find one without any joy.

    Need it to have a base (plastic if possible), and no more than £400 !

    Something on the lines of this (but obviously longer)…jpg


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    Bigger Pic

    I've heard that you can buy an extender for the above (middle section) - but dont know where from ??

    Argos has sold out of these as well (no stock & cant order in)

    Costco sold the 8x8 version of the Keter shed for £400. I've got one in my back garden. They now sell a 11 x 8 version for £500 ish.

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    Can't be more than 4ft wide though, it's got to fit in a specific space in the garden !!

    Do Costco do smaller version ?


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    Running out of ideas now....


    Local shed company

    You wouldn't have thought it would be this hard would you lol

    Any ideas appreciated !!

    1.22 x 2.39m (4' x 7'10") - inc. foundation kit (£349.00)

    Any good?


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    Hi Kim,

    Had my eye on that one, but the door is only 2/3 of the shed (the other 1/3 is a fixed panel) - so I doubt I'll be able to drive in/out easily on the bike !!

    Rep left though - thanks

    Edit - Ohh - I've given you another green block

    Hi Chris,
    there are a couple of the Keter 6x4 sheds for sale on ebay but these aren't likely to be long enough and they are pick up only.

    I'm presuming you're after a plastic shed for ease of maintenance/assembly? Have you thought about building your own wooden shed? A lot more work but then you could tailor it to precisely what you want. You could probably build one for well under £150....

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    Yea mate - bike is 7ft from front to back, so I need an 8ft long shed.

    Just wanted plastic for as it would be more secure and I wont have to maintain it. If I cant get one, I'll have to opt for a wooden one

    Why Dont You Ring A Local Metal Fabricator And Ask How Much It Would Cost To Build You A Metal One That He Can Deliver And You Bolt Together Then Just Spray Paint Or Ring A Local Upvc Window Company And Ask Them If They Can Make You One Out Of Upvc Window Materials

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    That would be far too much effort lol. I mustn't be the only person in the world who wants a 8 x 4 foot shed !!

    Think About It Upvc Window Companies Make Everything To Order Porches/windows/etc Nothing Is The Same Size From House To House So It Could Be A Good Alternative Might We Worth A Few Phone Calls And Might Work Out Cheaper Than You Think And They Would Build It For You And It Could End Up Lasting A Lifetime


    Edit - Ohh - I've given you another green block

    thank you!!!.....weeeeeeeeeee....:thumbsup:

    Have seen this site not sure if any good - ]http//ww…l/1

    If it is remember Quidco for 3% cashback also.

    im after a shed too i think il have to look around or build onE!
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