Plastic storage boxes needed - please help!

Found 13th Jul 2008

I am looking for some plastic storage boxes for storing some heavy items...around 35 litre or so. Could you recommend something that won't set me back a fortune?

Many thanks for any suggestions!


i got some great ones in matalan 32 litre for £4
the had a great selection but this was about 2 months ago, probabbly still do them though so might be worth a look

use an ice cream tub

Asda also sell them but i dont like them, lids are very flimsy, but i got mine from The Range not sure if you have one near you, but i love um!!!! xxxx

I use the boxes that tesco brings the groceries in, they are big and stackable. Also great for moving house!



use an ice cream tub

How much Ice Cream do you eat? ;-)

watch out with the really cheap ones, they are quite brittle and if you drop them they crack chip or big chunks snap off, we had some argos mid range ones with wheels, i dropped one of them and it shattered accross the bottom! plastic tubs that is, not ice cream tubs!!:whistling:

The range have many different colours and cheap too! i bought a shed load of the 60 litre ones for as some were half price but this was a couple of months ago

Original Poster

Many thanks everybody for your replies and suggestions so far - will have a look at everything that's been suggested! I'm looking at something robust, like the Really Useful boxes in new super strong plastic, which can be bought on their website - but the postage alone is about £12 - as much as one of the boxes!
Many thanks again!

If you want Really Useful Boxes then PCworld do the 35 litres one for £11.99

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