Plastic that you suck the air out of....

    I'm after those bags that you fill with clothes/sheets/quilts etc, then attach a hoover and suck the air out. They need to be in a shop as i am away from thursday.

    (I need large size, as cheap as poss)



    I believe you mean vacuum bags. JML usually sell these, so any Woolworths, Wilko's etc should have them.

    try Dumelm Mill as well

    qvc sell them


    qvc sell them

    Yup, We've got the QVC ones, There good! :thumbsup:

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    Cheers for help.... I cant order them as I need to be packed by Wednesday......Woolies it is then.

    I got one of these from poundland, held 4 jumpers and my very thick long black woolen coat, with space x

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    I couldn't see them in poundland.... got the Argos ones now and got two adult sleeping bags in each.... that'll do for now

    I was going to suggest betterware, but if you need them by wednesday it wouldn't be possible!

    Hope you get them in time

    Matalan have them half price at the moment

    Makro + costco?

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