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Found 16th Nov 2007
hi there,

Getting married in 3 weeks and looking to get myself a wedding ring.

Anyone got any suggestions of where I could get one for around £300. I know £300 is not alot for a Platinum ring but ages ago I found a site selling one ( V size) for £300 but now I cannot find it. It wasn't on fleebay either. Anyone help ?

:thumbsup: Rory

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Try Amazon, they have some good deals

I know there aren't many actual jewllers/smiths now most are just jewllery shops but if you can find one and let them know your budget they can buy the platinum wholesale and make your ring.

With the rise in metal prices, you wont get a decent platinum wedding ring for £300. If you did it would be very light.

With a budget of £300, I would suggest you have a look at Palladium, instead of Platinum. Palladium is a member of the platinum family, and is a less expensive alternative. A gents platinum ring, 6mm, heavy court style might be about £8-900 in platinum, but would be under £300 in palladium.

Have a look at [URL="www.bnrings.com"]www.bnrings.com[/URL], they are the uk's biggest wedding ring manufacturers. There is a section on their site about palladium rings.

Hope this helps.

Try Argos!

I got mine at ]http//ww….uk

Good luck!
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