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    I found this site. Which sells fairly new games for half the price of they are online and in store. It's mostly Xbox 360 games that you'll get for that price, but there is a few PS3 games just around the 30 mark.

    Anyone know if it's realiable? And if the games will actually work in the UK? I think they 'region free' ones would. But just want it confirmed if anyone can.

    Merry christmas in 51 days . :santa:


    not sure if they can work in the uk but that site is okay to use

    I've used play-asia loads & loads of times, mostly for games but even got a 360 wireless adapter from them a wee while ago Everything's usually delivered within a week too

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    So If the games have 'region free' on them, their good for the get (bearing in mind that I live in Scotland.)

    And will it be in the English language aswell? lol

    Yup! I live in Scotland too & the games are in 100% in English

    On most games Play-Asia show you if they are compatible with NTSC-US, NTSC-J and PAL consoles. No Region Protection games will be fine but there are others that are compatible with 2 regions.

    You can't buy PS3 games from them, they won't ship to the EU - same as the PSP, Sony won't allow them.

    If you want to avoid customs you're best to go for the cheapest postage, it usually comes within the week anyway and I've had no customs charges on these packages.

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