Play-Asia import tax, does it happen ?

Found 22nd Apr 2008
hi all, made my first purchase and it has shipped today, i was wondering if you pay import tax on these items what have your experiences been ?
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my ds3 came from croydon so not in my experience
I have only brought 1 thing from them which was the xbox360 wireless adapter - I didn't have to pay any tax though.

From what I can tell, it's fairly random when it comes to Play-Asia.

If it was under £18 (exc P&P) then you definately won't.
I got charged for Call of Duty 4, but not for the other 3 games I've bought from there
It's all random as to whether you are charged, it's not down to a particular company. I've never been charged for anything from Play-asia (yet).
I bought a ds from ebay but it came from asia and everything was fine not charged anything!
What about YesAsia didn't think they taxed,can you get item there?
Sorry I reread and you already purchased.

What about YesAsia didn't think they taxed,can you get item there?

It is not the company that taxes you, it is HMCE (Her Majesties Customs and Excise), they take it upon themselves to tax stuff now and again, last time I had a PSP slim come through the mail it cost me an extra £46!!

ok thanks for the replies all, i guess its just a lottery as to whether you are stung or not!
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