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Found 1st Nov 2007
Anyone able to tell me the price of postage when you buy something on the Play Asia site?

Is it free, or built into the price of the item?

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£1.10 use the cheapest option, takes about 4-5days to come
Items vary in price.Postage cost is listed under item picture :

Shipping at US$ 3.10 (~1.52 GBP)

Although games and DVD's tend to be the same price.Excellent company bought loads from them (mainly Xbox 360 games).Hope this helps.:)
Ive just been stung for my first customs charge. Is it usual for this to happen?
everyone getting stung, i think because its comming close to xmas, i got stung two weeks ago
[SIZE=2]Use - 360 games are posted to their warehouse in the Uk and then onto you - so no customs charges. postage is free too.[/SIZE]
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