Play-Asia Question.

    What do they write on the customs declaration. Item price or total order price (item+p&p)?


    They put the item price on there.

    Used gadget-asia a little while ago and got pinged for duty due to Fedex delivery. Think they put representative price down and that item was sample etc but HMRC chap at Heathrow spotted it anyway.

    Won't use Fedex next time as others I know have received same item, non Fedex, and no duty to be paid.

    someone in my office just got stung for duty on a DS...£30 or so

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    Well I won't get stung for £30 as it was a sub £18 light gun for my xbox but with postage it comes to £27 and i've been stung before. Just fancied shooting some monsters/terrorists on my 42" plasma for the proper 'arcade effect' :lol:

    So, Spark, hope you're right. Bazzaric, don't suppose the victim there remembers what they wrote on the customs docs?

    From my experience you only ever get charged customs from HK on expensive stuff, with something like that, you should be OK I think.
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