Play back on my SAMSUNG HT Q100 realy bad,please help!!!!!!!!

    Hi i am having trouble playing some dvds on my samsung HT Q100 surround sound set,some dvds just freeze although there are no marks on the disks,also some wont play at all,could it be that it needs a disk cleaner to clean inside?i checked on the samsung website and there is a new firmwire but i havent a clue how to update it as the instructions on the site are terrible,anyone have a idea on how to update the firmwire with step by step guide which makes more sense then the samsung site?



    usually just a matter of burning the new firmware to disc an popping it in, maybe follow onscreen instructions

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    i put the updated file onto a disk and when i placed it in to the dvd player it says no file.

    on the samsung site it says-

    Turn on the product, Play an Update disc or a USB Device
    - Firmware update is carried, repeating ERASE and WRITE after READING
    - After

    when i put the disk in nothing happens and ejects the disk

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    anyone out there that can help,just tried a disk cleaner and that didnt make a differnce,comes disks when i try them say read error but yet some work fine like divx and other normal dvds
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