Play Championship Manager 01/02 with March 2020 Data Updates

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Posted 31st Mar
Yes, yes I know - Football Manager is swell and all that, but it's not really Championship Manager, is it?

It's just come back to me that I posted something a couple of years back regarding the fact that people were still creating updates for the 01/02 version of Championship Manager, and they're still doing it now

If you don't own Championship Manager 01/02 you can legally do so from the Eidos website via FM Scout.

Then you're going to want the up to date data files, these can be accessed from (the absolute legends) and are as up to date as March 2020.

March 2020 Data Update

Since the October 2019 Data Update we haven't changed a huge amount in terms of anything new. This is very much a data update. And it's a fine one at that. There are 1000's of changes since the last data update in relation to transfers, attributes, contracts, clubs, staff and so on.

As always it's the feedback that helps the most. We look at the database a bit differently than those playing it so it's always great to hear the stuff we missed. Thanks to those who posted in the preview save game thread and throughout the year in the scouting forum. If anyone wants to get involved in helping out drop me a private message

Note: this isn't compatible with a saturn patch (they are usually out a week or two after the Data Update

The full list of 0102 data updates can be found [HERE]
Community Updates


I can't remember, did this have any online play?
would I need a pc/laptop to play?

just wondering if there was a way to get it into my PS4 , or tablet
Happy memories of Manchester City not being in the Premier League

Sad memories of Wimbledon FC relocating to Milton Keynes
CM 97/98 was my favourite
Would it work on an android tablet?
This reminds me of happy times being a kid!

What a game!!!

The hours spent creating the worlds best team, with Bobby Zamora up front

I need this back in my life!

Thanks @BuzzDuraband
LMA manager was my love, 07 was the last year would love thar back!
BuzzDuraband31/03/2020 16:08

There's a forum group for network play, I haven't read into it though

Just for anyone wondering, yes it does. I couldn't remember when they brought it in. It was very flimsy at this stage though if memory serves. It wasn't until years later that we got something reliable.

It's weird seeing young players with birthdays in the 70s and 80s when using this.

But nevertheless, great fun. Thank for posting.

By the way, anyone wondering of the steps:

1. Download game. It's an iso.
2. You'll need to burn the iso onto a CD or mount it virtually. I recommended clone drive for this.
3. You then need install the game.
4. You then need to download and install the last official patch.
5. Then download the data update. It is a zip file.
6. Extract the zip and copy all contents over to data folder in main directory.

All this took me less than 30 minutes. Well worth it.
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I think this was the one where you could create your own player and put yourself in the game as the best player in the world
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