Play.. Customer services

    Took a punt on the Samsung YP-R1 16GB MP3 Player, posted yesterday..

    ordered 13.00 12/3 .. email off play stating problem with my card details....

    When attempting to process your credit/debit card it was declined by your bank. We would ask you to check all of your card details carefully.
    They had my old card details listed , from over 2 years ago , yet i have ordered at least 15 items, since my new card had been on their site

    smelt a rat .. as have ordered a load off them over the last month on the same card

    stored on their site .. contacted customer services , who asked me to re enter card details, i told

    them i have checked the card details all ok .. finally got the operator to admit the player

    was unavailable... just checked site they have put the player up from 59.99 to 80.00


    I suspect they have realised that its been mispriced. The £60 was prob for the 8GB player. The cheapest YP-R1 16GB player around is on Hughes Direct for £74.99.

    They obviously didnt want to admit this to you and fed you a line. Agree with you though, its very poor customer service from Play on this ocassion.


    Edit : Its a fantastic little touchscreen player though. I was well impressed with it.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for reply... We all make mistakes , but rather just be told the truth, not the porkys about the card


    Agreed, a simple email about misprice, and job done, no need for shenanigans.
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