PLAY help please? Returning a faulty item bought last year.

    I bought my brother a watch last year from Play on the 13/12/08. Last week one of the watch face markers (the 12 o clock one) has dropped off and is loose within the face. I have tried to navigate Play to try and find a contact us option but nothing.
    I can't go through the normal returns process because the item is outside the return period. With it being faulty and within 12 months can i ask for a replacement/refund or do i have to go to the manufacturer of the watch?


    manufacturer i think.


    doubt they will be able to help but their customer service number is 0845 8001020

    Play are based in Jersey, so aren't cover by UK consumer law. As above, you're best bet is to contact the manufacturer.

    Original Poster

    Thanks very much. I have emailed the manufacturer, so will await their response.
    Rep for the help guys,


    yeah, manufacturer. only offer a 28 day warranty on ALL their products.
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