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    Has anyone had any experiences returning an item to

    How long after you emailed them did they reply and how long after returning the item did you get a replacement or refund?

    I received an item today that is faulty and needs to go back!



    I've returned quite a few things. They are very slow (about a week) to reply to my fault and authorise the return. They booked Parceforce to pick it up, that took another week and the refund took another week. Just under a month in total to get a full refund.

    I'm trying to return a laptop carry case - finally got RMA today requested over a week ago.
    Not looking forward to repackaging it n paying postage. Rather a hassle over a £9.99 item.

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    not sounding too good then

    I had to send something back this week.

    Posted it Tuesday, received an email today confirming a replacement had been despatched and that they had refunded my postage costs!!!!!

    I posted something recorded delivery and they 'didnt' get i filed a complaint with royal mail.....4 or 5 weeks later i rang play as royal mail said they need play to sign something to say they didnt get it just refunded me as it was only £ i forgot all bout it...and about 3 weeks later i got a £32 cheque off royal mail....

    I have got a few things that werent meant for me....called them and they told me just to keep them and they would send another one to the correct customer! (My sticker had been put over another, so I knew who was supposed to get it!) So was pleased with that

    Got a dvd and the case was broke, emailed them and they told me that they could either send me another one or give me a full refund, and I could keep the other dvd either way. I chose the refund and got it no problem

    i had a faulty roboreptile, play had it collected, then delivered a new one a week later.
    i cant complain at that

    I have phoned them before. Very straight forward in dealing with your problems but quite quick with refunds.

    luckily ive never had to return anything to, but from the sounds of it theyre good, whereas some companies just suck where returns are concerned

    Their standard refund for postage seems to be £1.40. Unfortunately they instruct you to send stuff back by recorded delivery so for a DVD, by second class post, that's going to be in the region of £1.77.

    I emailed them as soon as I received a boxset from them simply because I didn't like the look of the packaging (couldn't be certain what it was like without actually opening it but then would lose my automatic right to return it for refund). They replied with a returns code within about 24 hours but as someone has already said they are slow so I don't expect the process will be completed for 2-4 weeks. Being as I simply didn't like it I don't know if they plan to refund postage anyway in this case. seem to be better with returns at the moment as they seem to just send you a replacement and ask you to return the faulty item "at your convenience" (though I have been told they really mean within 30 days or they'll charge you for the replacement). Unfortunately my experience of Sendit is that they appear to have difficulty in sending you a boxset that arrives in perfect nick so you're likely to need to return stuff. Or maybe I'm just unlucky with them (or overly fussy).
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