Play STAR WARS GALAXIES (MMORG) Free No Subscription Fees

Found 10th Mar 2008
No sure if this is a deal or not, My brother told me of a site that lets you play STAR WARS GALAXIES(MMORG) with no subscription fees, It's totally legal all you need is a original copy of the game which you can pick up cheap on Ebay, So no monthly/yearly fees check out the site for more information and please leave a reply on whether this is a good deal or if theres any hidden catches but free Star Wars sounds good to me and I might see you online.

Welcome to the Starwars Galaxies PreCU Emulation Project!
SWGEmu is a project aimed at emulating the official Star Wars Galaxies Pre-Combat Upgrade servers. Over the last 2.5 years we have researched and documented the protocol used between the SWG client and the Live Server. By doing this we were able to build our own server daemon from the ground up, which allows those that miss the old SWG the most, to enjoy the experience with other veterans once again. Every single line of code in our software has been written by the development team, on their own free time, with absolutely no corporate funding.


I moved it over to misc spamdog, not entirely sure if it is a deal, as you say.
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