Found 27th Mar 2011
I got a ps3 on friday and was looking at PSmove, anyone used it? is it worth it? is it good for kids, what games are good?


I got one free when I had to purchase a new PS3 and to be perfectly honest, I've only used it about twice. You need a fairly decent amount of space infront of the TV to get it to work so it's pretty pointless me using it in my bedroom! The technology behind it is very clever, think of it as a super-Wii sort of. Personally I haven't had enough experience to say get it or don't but I don't find that there are any games out there that really make PS Move worth getting. Most PS Move only games have mixed to poor reviews and most PS Move compatible games are far more comfortable to play with a normal DS3.

Don't bother until there are more games that utilise it.

we got the move at christmas (2 main controllers didnt bother with the other ones) and we got start the party and our kids love it its on every few days and really gets them up & diving about much more than the wii does, infact they wouls rather play move than wii but i agree there need to be more games, next one we will try is sports champs i think as that gets good reviews.

Agree with the first comment, you should hold off until more games can use it. I've got everything for it except the sharpshooter but I'm gonna wait for it to come down, £35 is way too much for a peripheral item where you have to spend extra money for the controller inputs. Typical Sony!
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