Play this interesting game...

The only game I know where you co-operate with yourself!…tml

Can you finish it?


Original Poster

How do you get to level 16?????


it wont let me play

web filtering ***** in leeds

It so annoying that it takes you back to the start every time!

Fantastic game. Got to level 15 on the first go. Very clever though. Like it. Rep left for the OP!

Finished it, good game

thats crazy

Finished with a high score of 0! ;-)

Interesting game. Gets a bit confusing working out which cursor you're controlling.

gorden bennet!!! level ten for me...

level 13... great game

yay level 16 finally! That killed half an hour, thanks OP :-)

keep gettn to 15, no higher tho?!

Level 11

Right up my street.


wow - that's addictive!

Original Poster

I'm glad people liked it, it's fun figuring out what to do.
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