Play Uncharted 1 before Uncharted 2?

    I haven't played Uncharted 1 or 2 but want to start playing the series. Would it be necessary (to truly understand the story of Uncharted 2) to play Uncharted 2 first?


    I would say yes, Not just because of the great story in both the games, but because the first game is also amazing and has great levels. Also trophies
    So it's a definite must buy.

    Well you would understand the relationship between two characters in particular a bit more. But it's not needed but I would still reccomended it for the experience but do note Among Thieves is a big improvement over Drake's Fortune, so in case you don't like 1 please still try 2.

    Pace youself to really enjoy the series... Play one right through then play two.

    I'd play Uncharted 1 first. It's not absolutely necessary in terms of the story, but like it's been said, you'll understand the relationships a lot better. Also, if you played Uncharted 2 first, I think there's a chance you wouldn't touch Uncharted 1, as UC2 is just so amazing and you'll play it again and again. UC1 is still an extremely good game, amazing in fact, and is well worth a playthrough. UC2 is just on a different level, not only to UC1 but every other game.

    Think of it as a movie. You wouldn't watch Toy Story 2 without seeing Toy Story 1 first. Bad example, I know, but it's the best I could do...

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    Cool, thanks for the opinions everyone. Looks like it's a pretty unanimous "yes" for those in favour of playing the first one first!
    Just need to find a good deal on the first one now.....

    yes with out a doubt

    Yes !

    I played through the 2nd before the first, the 2nd one is a lot better and I find the 1st one a lot harder to get into.

    I find the enemies in the first one are more harder to fight and also very stupid unless thats the way they are programmed to act, they seem to take a lot of hits to go down for guys that just wear T-shirts and shorts and constantly come at you like they have no self preservation, I can understand them trying to put pressure on you and flanking but it just feels like bad programming rather than this is there intention.

    All that said although I am only just into the first few acts of the 1st game, I highly rate it.

    The first time I saw the Submarine I was blown away by the beauty of the game.
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