Play voucher (Mc Donalds) wanted please

    Just hoping someone has a play voucher (I can use against £7.99 item) they would like to pass my way please.

    I can swap for a Free Hot drink voucher from Mc Donalds

    Many thanks


    Just sent you one :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    Just sent you one :thumbsup:

    Thanks mate, I was ideally after money off £7.99 spend so still hoping for one that works against that, but thanks for the generosity :thumbsup:

    i dont think any do. £8.95 is the minimum. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    i dont think any do. £8.95 is the minimum. :thumbsup:

    LOL I didn't realise that either! OK will dig around the site, thanks

    add a film/game pre-order to your basket.

    get your delivery, cancel the pre-order. or so i'm told...

    I ordered around £50 worth plus a pre-order of Avatar. All duly arrived, but they leave the £5 deduction to the end -so it's off the pre-order item - all others were at full price - just in case you try the pre-order trick to save £5. I'm not complaining as I bought low in the Apr 1 "sale" and the 5 off was a bonus!
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