I opened an account with last month and bought an item. Today I found a fraud transaction of 49.99 in my account.

I phoned and they verified this fraud transaction on another address. But they are not taking any liability for this fraud transaction to another address.

I just let you know, it is unsafe to buy items through



I disagree, Play are safe in my experience, surely its the bank you need to speak too?

I have ordered 432 items from Play since 1999

Never had a problem with them.... been using them for years

i would speak to your bank about it,they should try and get your money back for you. i`ve never had any problem with play. com

I've got to agree with ODB & MC, Play are a safe retailer

Never had a problem have used them for years

I've used and never had an issue. I agree, you should take it up with your bank

it happened to me last week, and i posted it on here as well, still waiting for my bank to sort, also rang the police and they dont care. did not even bother sounding intrested, did you receive an email with a delivery address on it?

I wonder if this could be a member of staff then within

I use and i think im gonna hold off for a while incase

i have not used my account for over a year, and they got my details - so its not just any new accounts created recently that are affected.

kamranbaig - check your bank statement, the email i got from Play was for £49.99 but they ordered two of them so it came out my bank twice, they were mobile phones.

I had somebody try to use my card and make a purchase for the amont of about £58 and it turned out that it was through, the money never cleared (only cos I noticed an amount was missing from my account by checking online so i cancelled my card) but my bank is investigating it for fraud

seems like play could have a dodgey worker working id say


Maybe you need to look at a better password, or I would look at close friends and family members 9/10 times its someone close to you

impossible, my aco**** had letters and numbers in, before last week they confirmed the last time my aco**** was logged in was 2007, something is going on with them.

I asked they if they tracked Public IP Address when people logged in, they could not answer that question.


I wonder if this could be a member of staff then within use … I wonder if this could be a member of staff then within use and i think im gonna hold off for a while incase

Me too, have never had any problems in the past.

Check your computer for spyware. If anyone gets you sign in details they can easily buy things with the card details you have saved in your account. Your password might have been saved on another computer if you use shared computers.

To be fair if this item has already been delivered then there is nothing can do, only the bank can help get your money back. It probably has nothing to do with play and if someone managed to log into your account to use it that is not play.coms fault.

Not nice to have to go through hope you get it sorted soon

Sounds a bit strange - I think I may leave ordering off there for a while



Never had a problem with them.... been using them for years

Me too

My account with was done today for 2 £49.99 mobile phones. Never had a problem with it in the last 8 years prior to this.

I phoned after the first order was confirmed to my e-mail address and they were supposed to cancel the account but forgot !! Play also told me they were unable to remove my card details from the account unless I replaced them with another card - I told them I thought this wouldn'r really help. In short they were utterly useless.

The delivery address for both orders was in postcode E10 6RH - did anyone else have the same delivery address ?

The scammers changed the e-mail address on the account while I was watching it and we then exchanged a few e-mails, though I didn't really have anthing nice to say to them ! Perhaps I should suggest they at least go through Quidco or use a voucher next time.


Me too

LOL, what's the point? If someone has your details, theres no need for you to stop ordering - they will have all the info they need!

Also used them for years best online retailer for me but sounds like rogue employee anyone worried just amend card details so they are incorrect:thumbsup: and then just remember to put them right when ordering, But can't really blame play for it happening, its like all fraud be as careful as you can but there are always people out there who will find a way unfortunately

Just happened to me aswell with £289 in 2 days from 5 orders

They changed my email etc aswell so I didn't receive any of the order confirmations and could not get back into the account. If play sent out an email to my original email address saying it had been changed I would of been able to contact them before any money/items had been dispatched. Alas they did not unlike alot of other sites I use.
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