I ordered a camera and a film from on 27th November. They were despatched on the same day and the film came quickly, but the camera still isn't here. I apparently have to wait 21 days before they will investigate but the camera was supposed to be a present.

    Would I be able to order another camera from a different company and if this finally turns up, send it back?

    Anyone had any bad experiences with Play? not sure if it's likely to turn up or not.


    If its not there they usually let you just cancel the order and refund you the amount, i'd feel fairly safe buying another one. I did the same when I ordered F12010.

    Same goes for the returns policy, check your email but there would be no reason why unopened they wouldn't return it.

    I think more expensive items like that from Play need to be signed for, so its not like it could even be disputed it not arriving. Again, you could just not sign for it if it arrived late and it would get sent back to them.

    i had same problem last christmas with a docking station not arriving, i explained it was for a gift and they sent me another it was tracked item

    give them another ring and explain how fast you need it..good luck

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    Thanks for your replies. I just rang them and got through to a call centre in the Philippines but they said that there was no way of tracking it. I think I'll give it a few more days and then buy another one.

    I bought two DVD box sets last year (on one order), they didn't turn up.. I just gave them a call and they sent me them again - recorded delivery this time. They didn't make me wait 21 days either.

    I'm waiting on over 10 items from play, been over 10 days for 8 of them!!!!

    play charged me double for one item..still waiiting for a response from them 2 days on now

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    Thanks everyone, it actually arrived today. Annoying that the item didn't seem to be trackable and you just had to "wait and see"!
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