Groups are they any good at return?

    I recently ordered two t-shirts from play, one Medium and one X-Large, received them today and they are both Medium
    Now they are both Christmas presents, is there any chance at all of having a X-Large one back to me by Christmas?
    I'm also in a queue to speak to them on the phone right now, do they normally take this long to answer?
    Thank you


    yes they can take a while - and they are good at returns - including refunding the postage costs back to you....
    i had a new item sent out the same day as the complaint. just had to email them a copy of my postage proof...

    if the t-shirt was on offer probably sold out, thats what i find with play they screw up and cant rectify as they sold out

    Original Poster

    Lucikly it was still in stock

    Just off the phone and they have ordered a replacement which should be sent out within 24hours and i have to return the other medium one recorded delivery which they will refund me £1.40.
    Thank guys.

    i ordered some memory cards couple weeks back and got sent completly the wrong thing rang them up sat on hold for what seemed forever but when finally answered the woman apologised put another order thru right away on my account and told me to return the wrong item as soon as i could, the correct one was dispatched the following day and recieved a few days later

    i'm waiting currently for Home Delivery Network to come pick up the wrong Waybuloo.

    Can't really complain so far though. They sent out the wrong one!. But I called last week and they asked me to order the correct one, and they'd arrange collection for free of the wrong item (due to size) and organise a full refund.
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