changing the prices!!!!

Found 31st Mar 2009
Ordered the special offer 50 Maxell cd-r discs for £5.99 which was on special at 3 for 2 and Play charged me for all three.
Rang up and was told it was a website error and not their fault, they should have been £7.99 each and 3 for 2........have all the proof and even on the order history says should have been £5.99 but she just told me I was wrong. How can that be when she didn't have the info in front of her and just followed the "Argue with the customer to wear them down" script.
Anyhow, got the supervisor and they are refunding £5.99, quite hard work though!!!!
(moral is, Keep at it HUKD followers, they shouldn't be allowed to bully you into accepting a higher price than advertised).
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good on ya!
don't let those scallywags run away with your cash!
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