Groups Clearance Sale - Problems or Smooth Sailing?

    Morning all.

    There are so many threads at the minute (in light of the crazy clearance they appear to be running) that it seemed best to start a general thread. I've placed a handful of orders for items over the last couple of day.

    The first order was placed on 19th and two of the three items ordered have been despatched (that day or evening) but have not been delieverd yet. The third item actually changed to packing at the same time as the others,but has now gone back to "Awaiting Stock".

    I placed a second order on 21st for four items, two of which changed to "Order Placed" and the other two to "Order Taken" and have not changed since. Three of these items are still showing in stock on the website.

    I placed a third order for one item yesterday afternoon, and again this has moved to "Order Taken", has not progressed any further but now appears to be out of stock on the website.

    I have a bit of experience with Play; they tend to be quite quick to process orders which is why it seems a little odd that I have so many in either "Order Taken" or "Order Placed" and not "Processing" or "Packing" or "Awaiting Stock" as I have seen before.

    How do other people's orders stand? Can anyone explain "Order Taken" and "Order Placed" and possibly what the difference is between the two?

    Thanks, and fingers crossed everyone get's something they have ordered!



    mines still in packing and i dont think they took money yet

    Original Poster

    I spoke to just now and they advised that my account required authorisation (something to do with changing my card before I placed my order on 21st) and as such my orders had not been processed. If you have Order Taken or Order Placed, it may be worth calling as accounts needing verification are placed in a queue and stock isn't allocated until accounts are verified and orders pocessed.

    Expecting a couple of my items to be out of stock now, but at least I now know for future reference.


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