Found 3rd Jan 2008
does anybody have any email addresses i can contact the customer service team?

cant find anything on the site, they dont have a "contact us" section.

will i be able to return a mobile phone that i've used for little over a week now and having second thoughts about buying?

its still boxed and still has the screen protector etc.


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Their returns policy outlined here. There is also a link should you decide to submit a returns.

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cheers kippy, it wont let me select the item i want to return.

is there any customer support email addresses kicking about?

Just ring them and they will give you a returns no on the phone.

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Just ring them and they will give you a returns no on the phone.

sure about this?

am i covered under the 28 days thingy?

its a nokia n95 8gb, the reason im returning it is, i think its a heap of *****, it feels very cheaply made, theres noticeable play on the slider, the phone is slow and its crashed on me already.

for £450 thats not what i want.
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