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    I am looking to purchase a tv and had almost bought it, on finance from beyondtelevision.

    Now the TV is on and at a better price + i have varsity card so will get 5% discount.

    My question is regarding the 9 months 0% on purchases, i will easily pay the total amount off in this time, but in the small print it says interest free period - maximum of 50 days on purchases????

    What does it mean by this?

    Basically, if i buy a £1000 tv, do i get 9 months no interest no fees to pay it off?

    After that id just cut it up anyway and use the £15 voucher


    Yes it means exactly what it says! Apply for the card, once recieved place your order, anywhere, it doesnt need to be Play and you will recieve 9 months interest free. If, when the 9th month is approaching, you're thinking you're not gonna be able to pay it off in time, then apply for an alternative credit card that gives interest free periods on balance transfers, then you get maybe another 6 months or so free of interest!

    Don't forget the min payment. I think you have to pay this regardless of the interest free period. It's something like 2% or £5 whichever is greater. This will get taken off your overall balance.
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