Groups customer service email ?

    I would phone but got a little raspy throat and don't want to be repeating each word all the time or talking for 20 minuets. Anyone know of a customer service email were I can ask some advice ?.



    I hate play, their customer service is s***

    Just go to their Help section and choose Product-related query under Contact Us heading.

    LOL! your'e a cheeky badass aren't you

    they are awful to contact - and never get back to emails - i had a nightmare with them last year - the customer service people swear blind one thing, but its hard to understand as there is a time delay - but it never works out the way they say.

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    I did try the contact us but the area I need more detailed info and questions to ask (returns) just takes you to the returns page. I will just have to go for the other option and hope I don't get a copy&paste response. I know to expect it but I have to hope.


    You will get an automated response, it's Play. That's the only button they've got on their PCs.

    I think you can put anything you want as an email address as they all go to the same idiot. Try [email protected] It'll get to them.

    However, if you've ever dealt with Play's CS before, they will answer that query instead of your current one. If you reply to that email, they will ask you to give them a call due to the complex nature of your query.

    You cant be as bad as this guy your text here
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