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    Hi, I've bought tons of stuff from for years never had any trouble with them till now. Odd ocassion when something has gone missing and I've had to wait a while for a replacement. I bought the Laurel and Hardy boxset as posted on here. It arrived in a single sheet of bubble wrap and was torn and dented so arranged for a collection and for it to be replaced. Replacement arrived, no packaging this time not even a single sheet of bubble wrap and again torn and dented. I made a complaint because I've had to wait in for a couier 3 times and all they have said is we keep packaging to a minimum to keep cost down or that it may be despatched directly from their suppliers. All that they can do is arrange to have it picked up. Personally I think that is very poor and have written to them again. Anyone else experienced problems like this and has a telephone number or e-mail address of someone helpful at play. Cheers.


    Maybe next time you send it back ask for refund?
    suppose they have rules on how things are posted or returned.


    TBH I never order any gifts from play for this reason, unless it's not going to be packaged as such.

    I ordered loads of lego from them as the kids want to spend their cash on it, it always turns up by HDNL the box is trashed, it's not too much of an issue as they would trash the box anyway, and it's just taken out and built as soon as it's arrived.

    I couldn't give them as gifts though, same as a toy I had through for my baby the other day, the box was all but destroyed, again good job it was not a pressie.


    I am sorry to hear about this, I always liked play, but not had reason to order from them a while

    I agree it is poor, and apart from their 0845 800 1020 line, i dont know what you can do, i mean you have brought it to their attention, and they still wont improve

    was it play direct or a marketplace seller? can you check this? it might help someone else here avoid the same issues

    oh thats not very good! ive never had a problem with play but then only order cds/dvds/books from them with are always posted by royal mail not a courier.


    The thing I find with play, is if you buy something which is lucky enough to come with very rigid boxes anyway it's fine. But stuff that comes with very soft/flimsy type boxes like lego, where there is no internal rigid packaging, it will arrived battered.


    ordered a top
    thing that pulls zip came off
    did returns process with no reply
    got email saying order despatched
    never turned up
    reprted after their 21 days business
    got refund
    now wearing free top with no zip puller thingy

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    Thanks for the responses CDs and games from them are generally fine but the box set was a gift which I could not give to someone in the state it arrived. If anyone has an email or direct telephone number of someone I would be grateful. By the way it was directly from not the marketplace, so beware before you order. Thanks
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