Groups customer service VS sennheiser customer service (faulty product less than a week old)

    just recieved some wireless headphones from, they are a sennheiser make and when i plugged them in they were working fine

    however after 15 mins the base that needs to be plugged into the mains stopped working and im wanting to claim it under warranty

    i got the headphones on friday so was wondering if i should email and ask them for a replacement or email sennheiser and claim under warranty

    has anyone had any experience in play.coms replacement service or sennheisers warranty service?





    Play are mint...they will sort it

    Play .com wiil replace as under law the contract of sale is between you and play and a reasonable time has not elapsed

    Its interesting, I got the same headphones I think (RS110) and the base has also stopped working. I contacted Play - I agree theyre normally very good on returns.

    when you but an item
    returns are to the seller for the 1st 28 days for either refund/replacemnet (up to you which) I.E PLAY.COM
    from 28 days to end of warranty is the manufacturer I.E. SENNHEISER

    If you log into your account, select Order History and choose the item you can explain about the fault there and get an RMA number emailed to you without having to phone them.

    arrr the base of my one just blew up too. So is the procedure as follows?:
    Explain to them
    Get RMA number
    Send it back to them
    Get replacement/refund?

    LOL miracle - looked up online and they say that there is no power because the jack couldnt find the music. So i took the music plug out, cleaned it a bit, put it back in and hey presto, it works and better than before - less static?!
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