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Found 6th Apr 2007
How on earth do you get in touch with ANYONE at Play via email? I have been trying to cancel an order for 10 days now. I login to my account and there is an option there to cancel order, but of course when I click it I get an error message, have been doing for 10 days as mentioned so it's not a temp glitch:

The website has encountered a problem.

The servers encountered a problem and were unable to display the page you requested. Click Refresh or Back in your browser to try again. If this problem persists, please email us at and let us know.

So I email the address given and get an autoresponder saying:


Please contact by visiting…esk


So I head to the helpdesk, spend the next 20 minutes trying to find any information on cancelling an order...there isn't any...spend another 10 minutes trying to find an email address or contact form, eventually find one that is for reporting technical issues so use that...I explain the error I get when I try to cancel as well as the fact the info they give on the error page just further wasted my time (it took me 10 minutes to write the email that bounced!!). 4 days later now and still no response.

They don't like to make it easy, huh?
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You probably know this but there is a number listed in saynoto0870 - last chance saloon?
0845 8001020
01534 877595
Fax: 01534 631580

** 01534 number is Channel Islands, BT do not include this in their inclusive call plans. **
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