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    I placed on order for a t shirt which cost £14.99.
    less than 24 hours later the price of the t shirt had been reduced to £4.99.
    The delivery status is "packing".
    Should i be refunded the difference ?

    where do i stand ?




    i dont think so, you could always email and ask, or reorder and return other


    if they dont refund, just send it back.

    then buy it again. best to ring or email and ask.

    Phone them and tell them what's happened - they may refund you the difference.
    If not, then just order it again and return the first one

    they dont have to do anything, but im sure if you phone them up they will refund the difference.
    Or you could just ask them for their returns address.

    ring tomorrow, if they say no, order another, and return the exzpensiver one when ti comes.

    Give them a call tmrw when you are free, get them to refund the difference if not tell them exactly what you are going to do so they can just save themselves the work

    Just wanted to clear that up in case the above 5 answers werent clear enough already :P

    This happened to me before with where they lowered the price of an item I purchased (I bought 5 of them) and it was being processed during the reduction.

    When I contacted them about it, they just sent me an email stating they can't lower the price because it's dictated by warehousing levels etc.

    It's a kick in the teeth when it happens but whenever you buy something, you have to remember that you were happy paying the price you bought it for and just have to forget about the future deductions, otherwise you'll always delay purchasing anything and you never know, the price may even increase next time. :thumbsup:

    nah you bought it at 15 quid - best thing you can do is just send it straight back and then rebuy it......

    under DSR's cancel and refuse delivery, they must refund in full...


    under DSR's cancel and refuse delivery, they must refund in full...

    It's not a signed for delivery though, so what is he supposed to refuse?
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