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    Hi there,

    I recently noticed were advertising free commision on items sold on play trade this month. I have just sold 2 items and have been charged commision on both.

    Just wondering if anyone has any insight as to what I am doing wrong ?



    The first 10 items that a customer buys from you during January will have their fees refunded.

    If you already have products for sale through PlayTrade, you don't need to re-list them. Both new and old listings are covered by the promotion.

    To qualify for the refund of fees, any orders should be dispatched to the customer within 2 days.

    The 10% commission fee and the 50p closing fee will be refunded once you confirm dispatch. The refund may take
    up to 24 hours to appear in your PlayFunds account.

    You can use 100% of the money you make from selling these items on PlayTrade. Eg, if you sell a DVD for £10 you can use the full £10 to buy the DVD you really wanted.

    If you wish to withdraw your funds instead of spending them on site, this will be subject to a 5% transfer fee.
    If you are lucky enough to sell more than 10 items, our normal fees will apply from the 11th onwards. Please see our fees page for more details.

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    thank you very much thats great!
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