Groups ...issues.

    I did see some have issues with saying stuff like "not like they used to be" or thereabouts.

    Please enlighten me as to what that issue is/was.

    If your shy them PM me, please.



    do you work for :giggle:

    alot of my christmas gifts ordered didn't turn up, but play sent out duplicates which arrived no problem, i actually like the service i get from play

    No problems for me over the last 4 years i have used them and usually get 1 or 2 things a month, always good service..... mostly the post office that mess up!!

    had something not turn up but Play did replace did have to email a few times but ok service

    Just used them this week , and received items within 3days ...... NEVER had a problem with Sooo good i applied for their credit card... ( ~ and i don't work for!!!)....:thumbsup:

    Only problem I have had with Play is they sent out a set of 2 standard Desktop PC Sticks of RAM to me instead of Laptop RAM, after phoning and telling them, they then proceeded to send out exactly the same mistake, another phone call and third time lucky they got the correct items sent out to me.

    They processed the refunds on the incorrect items before they were even sent back, including postage to them, so in that sense they were fine, although no matter how clearly the problem was relayed to customer services it did take a while both times on my calling for them to actually understand the problem.

    Only other issue I have with them personally is within packaging, particularly boxsets, if a boxset is the same price at Play and Amazon, I prefer to forsake the quidco and go with Amazon, because you know its not going to be packaged in a large bubble envelope, instead being heat shrink wrapped to a piece of cardboard, placed in a solid box with extra air pockets so the item cannot move.

    So with that in mind I tend to order smaller items from Play, generally things that fit through the letterbox, standard case CDs, DVDs, Video Games etc.

    might be ok for games/dvds, slow delivery but not as slow as HMV... but never ever consider buying large electrical items from them


    might be ok for games/dvds, slow delivery but not as slow as HMV... but … might be ok for games/dvds, slow delivery but not as slow as HMV... but never ever consider buying large electrical items from them:(

    What happened?

    Original Poster

    just remembered I'd posted this.

    To the inital guy asking if I had owt to do with

    I do like to play, yes, as often as possible, but I have absolutely heehaw to do with them.

    I was just being nosy if I'm honest.

    I also order off them, too much as it happens.

    Be that dvds/tshirts and I even got the NS1000 Goldrings from them mentioned on here, wich are absolutely smashin' specially with twins. Only issue I've had is a set of wireless headphones.This was when I found out about their 28 day guarantee thing.

    I'd also be interested why I shouldn't buy big electricals.

    No real problems with them, one item was 2 weeks late once but they refunded me when I returned it.

    Never really had a problem with them
    did have a book before xmas that in inside bit was back to front and upside down but sent it back got a refund on return postage and a replacement within around 10days.

    Always been happy with, only slight issue if their bizarre ideas around packaging.

    Most recent order was for two t-shirts and two SD cards, they were delivered in 4 large separate boxs!, and the goods would have fitted in one box half the size.

    their customer services on the phone are aweful, they really dont have a clue what they are doing unless its to do with sales. If you have playtrade problems, be worried because you are screwed.

    Mainly account problems for me, sales wise they are fine
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