Play.com Laptop wanted, Which one?

Looking for a laptop off play.com but really not sure which one to get (I say play.com as I have £60 worth of vouchers to spend there)

My budget is £500 at most, I will be using the laptop for music, internet browsing, work (Word processing etc) and playing a few games (No FPS) Mostly Football Manager 2009. It would be best if it was a 15.4" screen as it has to be reasnobly portable as it will need to come with me to school.

I've looked at the Sony VAIO NS10 L/S and the Acer Aspire 5633WLMi mostly and the few I've spoken to have said the Sony would be the better bet. I'm open to any ideas or opinions though


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thats the very 2 laptops that i am deciding between lol, what ive been reading on play.com with the acer is that people have been recieving the wrong models.

The acer has better processor and graphics card whilst the sony has more ram and bigger hd.

My laptop atm is an acer and has lasted me 4 years so far but the case is very damaged so hence the need for a new laptop.

Amazon are seling the NS10 for £10 cheaper but wont be instock until the 5th jan
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