Groups missing orders?

    Getting worried now.

    Waiting on 5 items posted 4th and 5th December, yet items Play posted on the 10th have already turned up.

    This includes an xbox game posted on the 4th for my autistic nephew yet I can't report it missing for 3 weeks which makes it too late for Christmas.

    Play, whats happening??


    I've had similar issues with both Play and Amazon - and it's basically all coming down to Royal Mail.

    As i understand it, during the snow, they essentially backed up all post but they seem to be off loading them in the wrong order as they work through the backlog.

    Pretty crazy if you ask me, but i'm getting nervous as to the amount of christmas presents i have stuck somewhere in Royal Mail's network.


    still missing an order from play

    Missing about 3 orders from Play... They're Xmas pressies aswell, not sure what to do if they don't reach ontime

    Original Poster

    I guess its all down to Royal Mail service level agreements. The old stuff has failed already so they are delivering the newer packages first so that they dont fail on those as well.

    Great customer service!


    Missing one from amazon. Purchased the same day and shipped the same day as one from their jersey reseller. The missing one was uk mainland. and was meant to be here monday at the latest ;D.

    Damnit POSTY. Bring my new keyboard.

    missing 6 items from play
    1 sent and it was the wrong thing ,so had to send back

    I ordered four copies of the same game on the same day from Play and so far two turned up a few days ago and one about twenty minutes ago so they are a little all over the place for delivery.

    Luckily only three of them where Xmas presents so I'm sorted.
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    Probably the same thing that happened on exactly the same subject yesterday!…691


    whats your point cdm22?


    whats your point cdm22?

    I do hope you are just being amusing if so then if not then oO .... its called snow / run up to Christmas so more parcels in the system but backlog taking longer to get out / this is the 56th thread on the subject of missing parcels in the last week!
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    I have a theory, that, in fact, all parcels, are aliens, and at xmas, they return to their home land when it snows.

    And that's where all your parcels are my friends :).

    Accepting paypal donations for solving your problem, just pm me.

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    Sorry Royal Mail, but 2+ weeks is NOT a small delay.

    Same old thing when ever there is a disaster or adverse weather. Any backlogged deliveries get caged until they can get sorted, well that's what a couple of posties have told me. Still waiting on several items to be delivered myself.

    Although delivery probably won't happen this side of Christmas I wonder how any warranties will hold up? Sods law the things break down month 11 when it took 1 month to arrive and that you haven't even had it 11 months but according to play you bought 12 months ago.

    Working for an Amazon seller, we are hearing horror stories of most of the backlog from approx 2 weeks ago will not be cleared before Christmas and they are "Hoping" to have it cleared by New Year BUT with more wintry weather arriving it is now unlikely that will happen and in truth things will most likely get worse not better. It isn't just a Royal Mail issue but most couriers are having the same problem it's just Royal Mail carry most smallish items.

    I am having the same problems with Play, Cloggs and Asos..


    56th thread? WOW I'm impressed you've been counting,lol

    A friend of mine is still waiting for a play order from the start of Dec.

    all items from play delivered in 3 days but i guess its only jersey to Bournemouth

    I'm waiting to receive a dvd from which they say was posted on November 8, 2010. I've already filed a claim to have a replacement one sent to me, but after two months, nothing has been delivered yet, and they won't reply to any of my messages. I'm starting to doubt whether any of the items was even posted in the first place. In the past their order were often late, but at least they arrived. I will never order from them again.
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