monster sale starts tomorrow

Found 19th Dec 2007
just a heads up that are starting their monster sale with up to 80% reductions.
i havent a clue whats for sale nor do i know if it will be delivered before christmas, but hey im sure there will be some good deals and also remember its free delivery with everything at

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Not too sure what type of monsters Play sell but I'll have a look tomorrow.:thumbsup:

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theres always some, never none but theres always one!
woohoo i just reached a 100 posts


woohoo i just reached a 100 posts

Selling monsters is always a good way to start. Congratulations on your 100th post:thumbsup:

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thank-you very much:oops:

Don't get excited. I saw the same 80% sale last year, it's not that impressive.

Plus its to late to get the products delivered free from Play so your gonna have to pay extra on top to get it delivered before Christhmas.

Anyone else noticed the the £5 off £50 which supposedly ran out today (19/12/07) has expired already as various mentions of this working this morning but not later in the day.

Guess that's in prep for the sale.

What we giveth with one hand we taketh with another LOL

i remember this sale last year, i ordered the day of the sale (jack daniels stuff with a large poster) and i got all the items christmas eve, its worth a shot !!

Wont be a monster sale - few dvd will be about £3.99 -games might drop a bit and we will see the ps2 slimline drop again to £69.99

No sale at all yet! Unless it's a 9 o'clock jobby!

Nothing I can see of any real consequence. It's a bit dismal really.
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