Groups Not Honouring The KNITHOOD20 Voucher Code


    Anyone else been refused the 20% off Hoodies and Knitwear wen adding the KNITHOOD20 Voucher Code?

    Just been on play to buy a Hoodie and Knitwear and when i put Voucher Code in i got. The voucher you entered cannot be used with these items.

    Discount: 20%
    Minimum Spend: £ 0.00
    Promotional Code: KNITHOOD20
    Expiry: 01/12/2010
    Instructions 20% all hoodies and knitwear at by entering KNITHOOD20 at the checkout.…449


    Not much help to you but the code worked fine for the Rocky hoodie

    It's not working for me either. Trying to buy an atticus jumper. Been trying for two days now, and have emailed but recieved no reply. Rang their hotline (probs spent more ringing them than i would have saved!!) and the bloke i spoke to was useless! GRRR

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    Thanks anyway

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