Groups order gone through?

    I ordered something from today which had been placed in my basket yesterday.
    I tried to find the item but cannot find it on the site. It is a Sansa Fuze mp3 player 8GB which also includes an 8GB microsd card. The silver version of the player is still there but the black version has gone.

    I looked back through my history and came across the page:…tml

    but it no longer has an availability status.
    I think it went out of stock last night, but I ordered it this morning.
    My order status in my account on the site has said 'order taken' for a couple of hours now.

    Has the order gone through? Will I receive it?
    The price of it was £69.99 which is the cheapest I can find and is why I want to receive it. I also don't really like the silver colour.


    just wait and see what happens or call them

    Original Poster


    just wait and see what happens or call Is this … just wait and see what happens or call Is this it? in stock

    It is that product but also includes an 8GB card for £5 more.

    Its this : ]http//ww…tml

    if it comes back in stock you will get it, otherwise you wont.
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