Groups phone number

    Anybody know a number for

    I bought a phone off and they sent me an email requesting i ring them, for an extra security check.

    I cant get through to 0845 800 1020 at all though. It says the service is unavailable!

    Does anybody know a different number, or way of contacting them.



    [SIZE=2]I used this few weeks ago[/SIZE]
    028 90921724

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    [SIZE=2]I used this few weeks ago[/SIZE]028 90921724

    That doesnt work either.

    Maybe they have had their phone line cut off

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    hurrah it works now thanks.

    the woman on the recordeed message souns like a right fox as well.

    Cheers Edi


    [SIZE=2]I used this few weeks ago[/SIZE][SIZE=2][/SIZE] 028 90921724

    Strange number.....Aren't they based in jersey? Thats a Belfast area code (02890). Belfast call centre?
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