Hiya, i have £8.50 in my playtrade funds, from what iv sold

    how to i use that money ot buy off

    help much appreciated, will rep


    when you go to the checkout where it shows your card details go to the right hand side of the page you will notice an area which appears when you have a voucher or playtrade funds, you need to select the 'use playtrade funds' option.

    bear in mind that if you have only just started selling on playtrade there is a period of 21 days to wait before you can use your credit from the items you have sold.

    Actaully make sure you have registered an Bank accoi=unt as you cannotr get to funds until 14 days after the bank details have been entered/verified by Play (fell for that one I assumed you could buy stuff, just that you couldn'r withdraw the money without a bank account)


    Do they sell English and Grammar lessons on Play?
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