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    My other half ordered some christmas presents from Play and they delivered the wrong items however the delivery note lists the correct items. She has contacted Play who have now sent the correct item and they've asked her to send the other item back by recorded delivery which is going to cost about £5.00. Surely though since it's their mistake, they should be paying for the items to be returned (or collecting them).

    I don't want to seem cheap however they only cost £12 in the first place and returning them will add about 50% to the price! Has anyone got any experience of this, do we have to send them back, or can we ask them to collect?

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    I would tell them to collect it or send some prepaid packaging to send the items back in. Don't give in cos its Credit Crunch era and they are in the wrong. Good luck with it all!

    They will reund the postage as it's their error but keep the receipt for it. They give back £1.40 as standard then you have to email a scan of the receipt to [email protected] asking for the difference. I have leart this today as I have had 4 incorrect items posted to me so far this Christmas!!

    they pay the postage generally if it's their fault, always have with me in the past.

    I had to return a DVD to them earlier this year. There was absolutely no problem at all. I sent the item back via recorded delivery and they refunded the cost of the item and the cost of delivery back to my account.

    same with me - refund, no probs at all

    They do pay for the return postage. Just not up front.

    this happened to me twice and both times they paid me back my postage costs to return the incorrect fact the last time they refunded me and dispatched a replacement before I had even sent back the wrong item.

    Cant fault them so far, they've prob been one of the best in terms of Customer Service as far as I've dealt with.:thumbsup:

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    Thanks for all the replies, It's nice to know they look after their customers as we've bought loads of stuff from them this year. I'll let Niq know so she can post the stuff back later in the week.

    dont think you seem cheap (as in your opening post) thats how you live in this world these days

    im sure they will pay you the cost of your posting
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