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    Hello, my mum ordered me a PS3 controller for Christmas from at the end of November, she was only meant to order one but she pressed 2 by accident. She missed the 7 day return policy which to me is stupid but anyway she wants to know if there is any way she can get a refund for it? It is all sealed and that.



    You selling it? If so how much?

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    Can't sell it in the misc but i did have a thread open on the FS/FT forum if you want to look.

    Just an idea but you could say you have just received the goods so surely the 7 day period has just begun.
    Did she sign for delivery?

    Stupid question, but have you emailed them? If so what did they say? I once returned some memory sticks (at my own postage cost) and they refunded me whole amount.

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    I haven't e-mailed them yet as i can imagine them taking weeks to reply.
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