Found 14th Jan 2011
Very SLOW delivery, took 5 days to pack before eventually being posted. Security suspect, asked to ring to verify card details after sending these securely on line. Won't use again.

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This is not new news You buy from play you wait! Fact. But you can get some nice bargains.

very slow stopped ordering from them ages ago,poor packing too.


every time i have ordered ive received within 2-3days of ordering, which i think is alright, apart from something nearer Christmas time but that is expected

"Security suspect, asked to ring to verify card details after sending these securely on line. Won't use again."

Your bank that caused that.

5 Days to pack could it of been in the item description? Or the time you ordered it (Over christmas?)

Ordered something weeks before Xmas
Sent wrong item
Sent several emails
Got varying response
Finally managed to get a valid number for them
Only got item yesterday

Have to say I've never had a problem with thme

never had a problem

internet shopping has become slower than ever

you order on the wrong day/time you wait forever for a geniune delivery day then wait in all day for couriers

walk to the shops get it the same day if you need things quickly

i do agree with op about play (or they take too long despatching your items delivery is fair enough coming from jersey so ma take slightly longer.
i recommend 7dayshop (horrible 1990's website) if they stock the same item really good service and still from jersey
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You have to expect the waiting, they've always been like that. Sometimes it's worse that others. What is inexcusable though is the state of their customer services, they used to be ok, these days they're one of the worst and Amazon put them to shame.


Just pray they deliver the right thing and you don't have to contact them again. They really are useless.

Doubt I will be using them again after they have stopped using royal mail. New company charges for redelivery with morning or afternoon delivery.

hmmm service slow, still you could live in Australia, then you'd have some thing to complain about !!!!

Play amazing when they first opened. crap now never use them.

I try not to use them after a horrible experience using gift vouchers but did buy a kinect game recently as they were far cheaper than the rest.

Luckily amazon are usually about the same price and I thik their customer service is second to none so not a huge deal.
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