Groups - Taken money, yet item is still 'awaiting stock'

    I got a bank statement through today and it showed that have taken £2.99 out of my account even though the item has not been shipped, nor is the item in stock.

    I 'bought' a bench bag that i was made aware of through this site. It was a steal at £2.99 so i am sure a lot of member also bought it. I know that other members who ordered the same bag recieved theirs, however 2 weeks on i am still 'awaiting stock'.

    I doubt will get the backs instock again, as i see know way in which they can make any money.

    Its not the fact that i have had £2.99 taken out of my account that makes me frustrated, its the fact that told me that they would only take money out of my account once the item has been shipped. They never told me they have taken money out of my account and i wouldn't of known if i didn't get a statement through.

    Any idea's what i should do? I want the bag, but i would prefer to threaten them with some 'legal act' so i can ask for around £15 vouchers for my troubles lol. Please bare in mind that are based in Jersey so any 'legal act' will also have to apply to Jersey.

    Thanks for reading.


    best bet is to just contact them and find out whats up

    just give them a call. I don't think you should try and blag money from them by threatening legal action it's only £2.99. An apology should be enough unless it made you go overdrawn at the bank, if so show them the proof and they will refund.

    the more compensation they give out the higher the prices go for everyone

    I bought the bag too but i checked my account today and its gone from awaiting stock to order cancelled so i dont think the order will be fulfilled. You will have to phone them and get them to refund your money or send you the bag but i dont think they have any more stock to be honest

    play are bad for this, i've ordered loads of things from there and its been 'awaiting stock' for weeks on end at some points

    about half the orders I place with them do this, I have waited months before and they never get the items back in stock. Now I just cancel as soon as they go to 'awaiting stock' and I hate that they just sit on your money like that.
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