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Found 23rd Dec 2007
Vote me cold if yus likes, but me a pirate after treasure on Quidco's cup which ends tonight at midnight! We are happy to give you pieces of 8 if you should join and we win 3rd, 2nd or even 1st spot! A plea to anyone out there with earnings and not in a team or in a team on their own - you can disband - join us! 786 is a newly formed team looking to take a share of the vouchers. All vouchers will be shared equally amongst team members. We are currently 5th but unlike some teams who want to go it alone and not let anyone share the treasure, we are happy to! 3rd spot gives £400 in vouchers - so if we have 5 members - £80 each! Why not join in the fun and give it a go. Email:, our team leader is ready to invite you NOW! Thanks for reading this.
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I know that it's only a bit of fun and I'm probably over reacting, but as much as I like Quidco, there's something about the Quidco Cup that rubs me up the wrong way. I thought one of the main concepts behind Qudco was that it was a kind of co-operative where everyone got to share in the rewards earned by the efforts of all. This competition seems to fly in the face of that ethos; encouraging people to earn more, yet rewarding only a select few. It also makes it feel like there's two distinct communities - those in the cool gangs with all their friends getting all the extra rewards on one side, and then the majority of users (the 'Johnny No-mates' if you like) on the other side, who get nothing.

Like I said though, I'm probably over reacting. :oops:
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