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    Hi does anyone know if the xbox 360 with halo 3 on is the hdmi version.



    I am on the verge of ordering one from Play also but want to know if they are the HDI version too. Anyone?

    Yes I think they are.

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    Can you be sure is there anyone on here that has ordered one?

    Cant be sure because you dunno if theyre sending you old stock or new stock..

    It says "premium" on the site but I thought that the HDMI equiped ones were "pro" consoles? :?

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    oh ok im really not sure and i dont want to order one until i know. If anyone has bought one from there recently let me know.

    Suppose you could give them a call and ask: 0845 800 10 20?

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    That was the first thing i did but the guy there wasnt very helpful. so i dont know.

    Think I might take a trip to Gamestation and check the deal marked at the bottom of this post:


    Really dont want Forza but the extra controller makes it a pretty good deal. 250 is the most I will spend. Cant believe they pulled the Pro deal with Halo 3 and Gears of War for 250 at HMV yesterday otherwise I was having it!
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