Playerunknown Battlegrounds, opinions?

Found 6th Aug 2017
This game is super addictive but also super frustrating.

The game is so frustrating it rather annoys me. Hit detection is all over the place, people with aimbot on the game, constantly having people camp buildings just to get kills, hitting people 5 times and not killing them but getting shot twice and dying. Having to press F to open/close doors 3 or 4 times.

The game is good but is anyone else frustrated so much by it?

Also I know it's in Alpha which is ironic, considering the First person mode is in beta.
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Its garbage solo, half decent with others, but just too frustrating overall to get any real enjoyment out of it.
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Tremendous fun in duo or squad, not a fan of solo.
Yes the game has issues, it's an Alpha so to be expected, still far better than when it was a mod for Arma though.

If the bugs bother you that much then leave it for a few months, we all have the same issues when playing though, suck it up and go on a rampage with the M249
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