Playhouse for my son...Joshua

    Hey ya all.....

    The best deal I can find for a Playhouse (same as a wendy house I guess but I can't be buying my SON a wendy house now can I) is at ToysRUs @ £49.99, available for collection from the store.


    Is there any better deals available does anyone know of please ?

    I'm happy to spend upto about £80.00 to get the best I can for the little fella.

    Thanks for your time......



    Hiya how about these...

    This is great for a boy:
    ]http//ww…tle (Reduced but still £100 though)

    or an cheap alternative that can be used indoors or out and decorated by the kids themselves try:

    I had the plastic house your looking at for my daughter but I also worked in a nursery that had one and the boys played with at as much as the girls, they just changed the game that revolved around the house to suit them.

    How old is he?

    How about finding a small shed and just adding a few pirate details like a flag and a chest of gold? or try a army surplus shop for cammo netting and old uniform.

    or failing that how about a pop-up tent set with tunnels etc?

    Hope I helped a bit?....maybe made you more confused lol


    I found this one after a little searching…age
    A little bigger than the one from toys r us, and for £50 incl delivery.

    Original Poster

    Hey ya, thanks for the input, Josh is 16 months old - so he really is a monkey at the moment, into everything ya know.
    We went to toysrus last week to buy a Fisher Price Plastic Piggy Bank and ended up buying that and also a sit on electric Quad bike (think his dad liked it more than he did). Anyways, he would not come out of the playhouse, we'd get a little way away from it and then he'd run back and go back to it, 15 minutes later we coaxed him away. I like the PaperPod site, might invest in some of those for next summer. Don't really want a wooden shed (thats my domain - TOOLS - Mmmmm)
    I really do want PLASTIC, its easier to put together/take apart and jet wash down when needed.

    Thanks again for your help...... the army surplus idea I like too - might be interesting. Shame there isn't any pirate shops about !

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