Playing back-up games on DS Lite

I hope i can ask this here, but was wondering what is needed or how hard it is to mod a DS Lite to play back-up dvd games.

I know about the R4 thing but weren't sure if you could still load the games from disc which i was hoping to do.



You don't need to mod a DS lite, you simply need to buy a flashcart.
The cheapest is the DSTT, but maybe better to get one that is a few £'s more:

]DSTT Flashcart

How to set it up

]Set up instructions

If you get any problems

]Flashcart help

Or you can simply buy one from someone on here, probably cost around £25

Games on a DVD need to be extracted and copied over to the Micro SD card.

its simple, get the flash card put it in and copy games over from pc and play. Remember you should have the original

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Thanks Guys :thumbsup:
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