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Found 26th May 2009
I have a flashed xbox 360 and want to know if i will get banned from live if i play online using the official games and not copied ones.

I know about all of the stealth patches needed to play online, but i have the actual game of COD5 and wanted to know if i can play online with the official cd inserted, seems like an easy question but id rather be safe than sorry.
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yes, it's fine.
If you get banned, then theres no hope for xbox live with anything - (not even updates Ive heard) (Luckily I havent been banned since I bought mine in December 2007.)

EDIT: reread the question and realised I answered the wrong question.
Although with your question: There is always a chance of being banned. Some believe that the xbox360 stores data about bad rips or pirate games and sends the info when you connect to live. Others say different.
In other words. there is ALWAYS a chance of being banned from live, as we don't know how microsoft ban us or with what info.
Dude it doesnt make a difference playing original or not. I know this from the past and ive read it too. I was playing halo 3 original when i got banned before. So all in all it dont make a difference.
hmm, makes me worried tbh, might keep 2 xbox's then
whats the point? lol. Play untill you get banned. You got ages yet till ms release another major update.

Once you get banned, then get another one. It will save you alot of money in the long run
but if you get banned do you not lose your gamertag aswell as your gold subscription or can you recover it

but if you get banned do you not lose your gamertag aswell as your gold … but if you get banned do you not lose your gamertag aswell as your gold subscription or can you recover it

Nope the console gets banned. The gamer tag is fine you can recover or just put the hard drive on another console.
awesome, might be selling one xbox soon :).
lol you got 2 ? lmao i was going to do the same untill i thought about it.
yeah ive got 2 HD xbox's lol. Will get me £100 by selling it, hmm does seem worth it tbh.
yeh then wen it does get banned, just buy another and sell the banned one and get it modded again.
Aparently Microsoft are making it so the gamertag isnt banned, but cannot be logged into again.

yes, it's fine.

hmm, not the best advice. play at your own risk is about the best advice anybody can offer.

nobody is going to tell you that you'll never get banned on a modded console as nobody knows what exactly is it the M$ asks of the console when it logs in and even if they did M$ could potentially amend the way it asks questions.

There is information built into official Xbox games which tells the console what media it is on, if M$ ever start calling for this then they could easily log a record of official game media and if you're games on a Verbatim it's pretty obvious it's not legit.

As far as I'm aware the only reason they don't do this is because the success rate is pretty ropey.
You won't know what game gets you banned - it doesn't happen straight away.
MS store them all up and do a mass banning session every now and then.

As others have recommended, just keep playing until it happens. You might be lucky and never get banned.
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